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The Turf Machine, the largest among the EZ Cut fleet, boasts an impressive 19-foot length, featuring the most substantial rollers, motors, and frame currently available. With its full-length cradle, it accommodates goods up to 16 feet wide. The touch panel display, automated cut piece removal, and anti-cone mechanism offer complete control at your fingertips. Recognized as the fastest and most efficient carpet cutting system in the market, the Turf Machine can be utilized as a standalone piece of equipment or paired with an extended table. Designed for enduring performance with minimal maintenance, the Turf Machine ensures smooth operation, a crucial aspect for any high-volume operation.




The sophisticated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with feet and inch display eliminate measuring errors to guarantee accuracy on all materials.   

Our exclusive Reverse Roll System allows you to back-roll turf with pile or pattern-side out in one simple step. High performance components and state-of-the-art technology ensure peak operating levels and efficiency – every cut, every time. Our laser cut precision and industry-leading automation continue to raise the bar for durability, reliability and trouble-free design and operation.

User-friendly design allows a single operator to easily inspect, re-roll, measure, cut and wrap all your orders with accuracy, speed and cleanliness. The Turf Machine is equiped with dumps on both roll-up and load side, as well as a roll advancer on the load side.



POWER 220V(Single Phase) /60 Hz /20 Amp
(Outside N. America:208-230V /50 Hz)
DIMENSIONS 6'9"W x 19'0"L x 3'6"H
USE FOR High Volume Operations
Feed table compatible
WARRANTY 3 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor (Limited)
SAFETY Meets all CSA and UL Safety Standards
OPTIONS Short version available.
13' 6 Cutting Table.
Cross-Splitter attachment for splitting rolls Loading.
Staging Tables.
AIRSOURCE 4.5 HP; 20 Gallon Tank; 125 psi; 5-8 CFM. (Minimum)
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