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As the pioneer manufacturers of affordable space-saving carpet cutters for operations of every size and volume, EZ Cut delivers the best in quality, consistency and precision – both in products and in service. Advanced engineering, innovative thinking and heavy-duty construction provide for a versatile, low-maintenance machine that will reduce labour costs and stand the tests of time.

Our machines are manufactured in our own facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and shipped direct from the manufacturer to your door. We are quick to respond to any problems that may arise, and provide unparalleled serviceability through a nationwide network of service depots. EZ Cut machines are intuitively designed for ease of operation, with no expensive on-site training required. We guarantee parts will arrive within 24 hours of order placement, and are one of the only companies offering a 12-month warranty on parts and labour.

In addition to our comprehensive line of carpet cutting machines, we custom build rather than builds, including splitters, conveyor systems, staging carts, binding machines and more. By using a combination of laser cut panels, strategically placed welds and bolted components, we build machines that are the strongest, most reliable and easily serviced on the market. In fact, some of our machines have been in operation for over 25 years – a claim which no other manufacturer can make.

When you buy EZ Cut, you’re not only buying increased usable warehouse space and reduced labour costs, you’re buying a durable, easy-to-maintain machine that pays for itself in a short period of time with quality, consistency and precision.


EZ Cut carpet cutting machines were developed in the 1980s by Winnipeg, Manitoba carpet retailer Al Oze as original carpet cutters for retailers and distributers of every size and volume. Armed with a background in engineering, Al designed the first cutting machine to address his own need for an in-house cutter, while Vidir Machine, Inc. of Arborg, Manitoba took care of the manufacturing.

Al’s goal was to create accessible space-saving carpet cutters, and to provide the very best in quality, consistency and precision – both in products and in customer service. As such, EZ Cut took the manufacturing of its machines in-house so as to ensure full control of design, development, production and service. With the help of a professional engineer, Al was then able to re-design the original machines (which were cumbersome and unsophisticated) into space-saving machines that were easy to use, service and repair. Laser technologies ensured consistent quality, and component technologies simplified maintenance and repair.

Since that time EZ Cut has been has been building a line of machines that can satisfy a range of customers from the small retailer up-to the large distributors. Our in house design and manufacturing allows us to custom build units to satisfy the special needs of a variety customers. We have added a line of accessories designed to enhance your product offering and render your operation more efficient and profitable. These include electric base slitters, binding machines, base winders with counter, cross splitters to name a few.